Welcome to the fall issue of the Know Newsletter™. Learn about our newest foods and how we’re changing some of our cereals and bars based on your feedback. Get the scoop on a FNCE® poster presentation and a new website with educational resources for K-12 kids, parents and nutrition educators. Try our “overnight wheats” recipes—a delicious new way to stir up your morning.

New Foods—Coming Soon!

New Foods—Coming Soon!


Here’s a sneak peek of our newest foods, coming soon to a supermarket near you.


MorningStar Farms® Falafel and TexMex Bean Burgers. These tasty vegan burgers are 100% plant based, provide 9g of fiber and 9-11g protein per serving, and have no artificial colors or flavors. Falafel burgers contain 8g total fat per serving; TexMex Bean burgers contain 7g total fat per serving. Available exclusively at Walmart.


MorningStar Farms® Chorizo Crumbles. This spicy new vegan option is made with non-GMO soy and colors and flavors from natural sources. Contains 5g fiber, 9g plant-based protein and 8g total fat per serving. A delicious swap for pork chorizo in your favorite recipes!


And, just a reminder that a warm weekday breakfast is minutes away with Special K® Crustless Quiches in three delicious varieties:

   • Portabella, Kale & Quinoa, Ham

   • Cheese & Quinoa and Sausage

   • Pepper & Cheese

Stash a few in your freezer for busy mornings.

We’re Making Changes

We Heard You … And We’re Making Changes


We heard you, and we’ve been working hard to make changes to our foods to better meet consumer wants and needs.

Here’s our progress so far:

•    Most Special K® cereals contain whole grain as the first ingredient, and some contain colors and flavors from natural sources. We also changed the vitamin and mineral content to address specific shortfall nutrients for women. Look for our new packaging, too!
•    Kellogg’s® Raisin Bran® cereals are free from synthetic colors and artificial flavors.
•    Kellogg® Nutri-Grain® bars will not contain artificial flavors or colors from synthetic sources.
FNCE Poster Presentation

Attending FNCE®? Learn which Morning Food Patterns Helped Kids Meet Nutrient Shortfalls


Are you attending this year’s Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®)?

If so, please join us on Tuesday, October 23 from 9 am to 10 am for the research poster presentation, Several Morning Food Patterns in Children are Linked to Greater Intakes of 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines Shortfall Nutrients and Whole-Grain Consumption Compared to No Morning Foods.

Author Yanni Papanikolaou will compare intakes of 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines shortfall nutrients among children who consumed common morning food (MF) dietary patterns relative to children with no MF consumption.

This research was sponsored by Kellogg. for K-12

NEW! Online Resource for K-12 Kids, Parents and Nutrition Educators


Just in time for the new school season, Kellogg’s® Specialty Channels has launched, a website intended to inspire students to explore exciting flavors and interesting facts about the ingredients that make their food great., which is part of the broader Menu Explorers program for foodservice operators, is for K-12 kids, their parents and nutrition educators. The site features several fun and engaging resources including:

• Fun Food Facts

• K-8 Activity Sheets

• Culinary Trivia

• Interactive Quizzes

New Recipes

New Recipes! Wake Up to Overnight Wheats

Are overnight oats getting a bit ho-hum? Awaken your taste buds with our flavorful new overnight wheats recipes.

The night before, simply stir together Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® Bite Size cereal with other nutritious ingredients like fruit and yogurt, and wake up to a quick, delicious breakfast that offers fiber and protein.

Try all four overnight wheats combos:

• Cinnamon Apple

• Berry Blast

• Chocolate Peanut Butter

• Tropical


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