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The Story of Snacking

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Making Product Craveable: Going Beyond Nutrition to Inspire Consumption

We may just be in the midst of a chronic fruit and vegetable consumption crisis. Explore how to better communicate health and wellbeing benefits of fruits and veggies beyond nutrition, as well as tantalizing menu options utilizing companion food groups, such as grains, that can make produce more craveable!

CEU: 1 credit hour

What’s Happening in Breakfast? Trends, Insights, & Solutions for Your Foodservice Business

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? History tells us breakfast jumpstarts your morning and fuels you for the day ahead, but recent lifestyle shifts have called this notion into question and led us to believe that breakfast is a dying eating occasion. Intermittent fasting and busy morning schedules are just a few of the headwinds pushing up against a solid breakfast in the morning. What does all this mean in the eyes of the consumer and the operator? What are health professionals recommending?

CEU: 1 credit hour

Soy and Plant-Based Protein: Separating Facts from Fiction for Delicious Menu Solutions

Plant-based Protein vs. Plant-based Diets? Vegan versus Vegetarian? Flexitarian vs. Reducitarian? So many questions…so much to chew on… like, is plant-based protein any better for you or the environment than meat? And what’s up with soy? Equally important, are there optimal menu solutions that engage your customers and keep them coming back for more? Explore these and many other questions that are top of mind for operators, health and nutrition experts, and consumers alike in this webinar.

CEU: 1 credit hour