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The Story of Snacking

Is it possible to express yourself through a bowl of cereal?

When you’re using Kellogg’s grain-based cereals, it certainly is! That’s because the flavor, crunch, and nutrition in every bite allows you to create fun, tasty mixtures to suit your personality and mood.

Wake up your breakfast with a bowlful of appealing colors, flavors and textures that start with cereal. From sweet to savory and crunchy to creamy, these unexpected combinations turn basic breakfast cereal into a meal that’s worth making time for.

Get creative with combos that have globally inspired flavors and great nutrition that starts with cereal. These flavor blends take cereal beyond the bowl, letting you serve up affordable, delicious snacks and meals filled with the goodness of grains, fiber, and protein. 

Kellogg's Stir It Up Cookbook

While cereal and milk will always be a popular pair, this guide opens the door to a whole new world of meal possibilities. By mixing and matching new flavors and textures, you can create power-packed flavor combinations starting with cereal. 

Cereal as a Topping or Coating

Cereal provides a crunchy and delicious topping or even coating for so many dishes.

Flavor Up with Fiber

Add a nutty flavor and some extra fiber with Kellogg’s whole-grain or bran cereals!

Kellogg's My Bowl Flavor Combination Ideas

Creative food lovers everywhere are finding lots of ways to enjoy cereal any time of day.

Stir It Up Recipes