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Learn more about our WIC foods! You can download images, find out how they are made, and get ideas on how to use them. If you have questions for your state’s food list, just ask!

WIC Eligible Foods and Downloadable Image Library

Learn which Kellogg cereals are WIC eligible. Download high-resolution .jpg or PDF images of Kellogg WIC product packaging.


Cereal 101: From Grain to Cereal

The method used to make breakfast cereals is simpler than you might think. Most of our cereals start with wholesome grains, like wheat berries, rice and corn, that are cooked with a handful of ingredients, plus some vitamins and minerals to help ensure a wholesome start to the day.


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Have fun while exploring new flavors. Give these recipes a try – they’re specially designed to meet the needs of busy moms.


UPC Basics

Learn the basics around the reasons for a new UPC or why UPCs might stay the same. 


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As a mother, you're extra-special and you have special nutritional needs too. Check out a wide range of articles to learn more about good nutrition for you.

Also learn tips and ideas to keep good nutrition at the top of the list for your children.